Friday, April 9, 2010

My Two-Handed Practice Session Last Night

Last night I bowled practice for three hours. During part of that time, I threw the ball two-handed in my best imitation of Jason and Osku. My form was surely lousy, but my results weren't half bad.

As I got more comfortable, I found myself becoming increasingly accurate and more and more able to manipulate my axis tilt. So, for instance, when I tried to play 5 board, I was able not only to get pretty darn close to my target but also to keep from hooking the ball too much despite all the extra revs, and I hit the pocket and carried.

I was also able to move in, readily generate more axis tilt, and get my ball to hook into the pocket and carry from an angle I wouldn't dream of playing with my normal one-handed delivery and thumbed release. During one stretch, I had seven strikes in a row and even managed to throw a two-handed backup ball to convert the 10 pin.

Yes, the lanes were easy, giving me a lot of area to play with. But I was still rather pleased with the result of my two-handed efforts. What's more, my back isn't sore today. I feel pretty good. I'm more and more serious about making the two-handed game part of my repertoire, crazy as that may be for a guy who recently turned 57.

Click here to read an earlier post with embedded video about my two-handed bowling.

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