Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bowling Bytes--4/10/10

~ My Top 10 Moments from the 09-10 Season -- "Each season surely has its memorable moments, but there were an abundance of stories spread across this year's Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour season. I'm sure that everyone has different ideas as to what their top 10 moments are, but I want to take the time to put my own "spin" on it."

~ PBA Action Continues Sunday on ESPN With PBA Experience Showdown Presented by BOWL.COM -- "The 2009-10 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour’s regular season is over, but competition continues Sunday on ESPN with the first of two special events from the new International Training and Research Center located on the International Bowling Campus. Eleven of the sport’s top players and six United States Bowling Congress league bowlers will compete in the PBA Experience Showdown and the PBA Women’s Series Showdown, both presented by BOWL.COM, which will air on ESPN on Sundays April 11 and April 18 at 1 p.m. Eastern, respectively."

~ Travel warning issued -- "Bowlers competing in the USBC Women’s Championships in the Texas border city of El Paso are being urged to stay on the U.S. side, and not venture into Juarez, Mexico. That town has been beset by violence, mostly connected to Mexico’s drug gangs. Last month, three people with ties to the U.S. Consulate in Juarez were killed...Some have blamed the violence in Juarez for the big drop in entries for this year’s tournament. Others point to America’s economic downturn, the worst since the Depression, and some speculate that the switch to an all-handicap format kept some bowlers from entering."

~ Action: Rudy Revs -- "Despite his growing reputation, or perhaps because of it, Rudy Revs and the other shooters (the legendary Ritchie Hornreich being in the twilight of his remarkable career) were attracting action from all over the East Coast. Bowlers and railbirds would start streaming into Woodmere Lanes or “The Cage” late on Friday nights, and the jawing would begin… as if it had ever stopped. “There was a lot of arguing about doubles match-ups, challenges back and forth,” Rudy says. “There was a lot of B.S. and haggling.”

~ Ball Testing Video -- "HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW Bowlers Journal International magazine tests monthly bowling ball releases? With a crowded marketplace and a myriad of lane conditions, it can be tough to describe ball reactions and deliver readers with the informative content they need to make solid purchasing decisions. But with a dedicated staff and a few laughs, we’re pretty sure that we provide some of the best ball reviews available today. Want to learn how we do it? Watch this video, then click here to peruse and compare our latest reviews."

~ Practice: Build your C game -- "Confidence will take your game to the next level. Here is a practice technique to help build your confidence.

~ Germany sets the tone at Nations Cup in preparation for the Men's World Championship -- "In preparation for the 2010 Men's World Championship three countries - Austria, England and Switzerland - as well as the host country of Germany sent their national squads to 52-lane Dream-Bowl Palace in Unterföhring, Germany for the Nations Cup 2010 April 9-11."

~ Leftie asks questions about track, symmetry, carrying the 7 pin -- "What’s the difference between a medium or high track? I’m a leftie. Which ball is better: asymmetrical or symmetrical? What can a leftie do to carry the 7 pin?"

~ Follow-Through Like a Pro -- "Try to imagine your follow-through as two motions, upward and outward. If you hit-up on the ball and follow-through with excessive motion past your ear to your back, the you are throwing more upward than outward..."

~ Youth bowlers embrace challenge of USBC Blue and White lane Patterns -- "The seemingly endless debate over so-called “inflated” scoring and its affect on bowling’s future may have come one step closer to resolution last month when Pennsylvania high school bowlers eager for a challenge took a shot at the USBC Blue and White lane patterns in their state championships."

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