Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bowling Bytes--4/21/10

~ Ferraro Wins PBA Senior Dayton Classic for Second Career Senior Title -- "Steve Ferraro of Kingston, N.Y., won his second Professional Bowlers Association Senior Tour title Tuesday by defeating Hall of Famer Wayne Webb 213-210 in the championship match of the PBA Senior Dayton Classic at Capri Lanes..."

~ New York bowler surprises himself in PBA Senior Dayton Classic win -- "Steve Ferraro took a break from tournament bowling — a 25-year break. “Then, when I turned 50, I got the itch a little bit,” Ferraro said. The 56-year-old from Kingston, N.Y., is a tournament champion. He edged PBA Hall of Famer Wayne Webb, 213-210, in the final of the PBA Senior Dayton Classic on Tuesday, April 20, at Capri Lanes. It is his second PBA Seniors title..."

~ Liz Johnson set to defend USBC Queens title in El Paso -- "En route to winning the United States Bowling Congress Queens last year, Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga, N.Y., got off to a shaky start in qualifying. That won't be a problem this time around. Johnson was 71st after the opening round of qualifying last year but bounced back and to capture her first Queens title. This year, Johnson won't have to worry about her qualifying scores since she's automatically seeded in the 64-player double-elimination bracket as the defending champion..."

~ Celebs Like Justin Bieber Are Making Bowling Awesome Again -- "Think about the last few Friday and Saturday nights. Did you and your friends hit up a bowling alley? If you said yes, you're part of a changing stereotype. Most people think of bowlers as old men. More than that... boring old men. However, new research reveals that for the past four years, there's actually been an increase in bowling popularity with female and young bowlers..."

~ Questions about release, pin carry and targeting--June 2009 -- "Q: I’ve recently been topping the ball when I throw it. It kind of spins instead of rolls. Any suggestions?...Q: I am having trouble carrying the 10-pin on what seem like very solid pocket hits. When I move deeper and use a more direct line, I start leaving a lot of 4-pins and 4-9 splits...Q: I heard on a PBA telecast that Wes Malott targets at the foul line. Have there been any other successful bowlers who do that, and why would a bowler want to target that way?...Q: I have just returned to the game after a 25-year hiatus. I average 188 and have just bought a ball that hooks too much for me to control. I still have my old balls from 25 years ago — an LT-48 and Edge. How would these bowling balls compare in hook and length?..."

~ Upcoming live streaming schedule -- "A busy schedule of live streaming events is on tap for bowling fans over the course of the next week on We will have complete wire-to-wire coverage of the USBC Queens starting Saturday morning, while also streaming live coverage of the USBC Open and Women's Championships as well as the USBC Senior Queens..."

~ Coach Slowinski Named National Collegiate Coach of the Year -- "At the Night of Champions Banquet, at the Intercollegiate Team National Championship tournament, coach Slowinski was announced as the recipient of the 2009-10 Men's Natonal Coach of the Year by the National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association. Coach Slowinski is the Head Coach of the Webber International University bowling program as well as the Men's Head Coach..."

~ Echoes of 'The Horn' (Bowlers Journal International, April 2010, pgs. 26-28)-- "During bowling's 'action' era, Richie Honreich was a legend in New York..."


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