Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bowling Video of the Day--Johnny Petraglia on SyberVision

A long time ago, a company called SyberVision sold videotapes featuring top performers in various sports like tennis, golf, and martial arts demonstrating techniques in those sports at normal speed and in slow motion over and over with hypnotic musical accompaniment. The idea behind this was that if you watched these videos, your brain would learn the demonstrated techniques without you even having to practice them physically. Or at least, you would learn them more quickly once you actually went to the court, course, or dojo to practice them.

One of these SyberVision tapes purported to teach you how to bowl strikes by watching Marshall Holman and Johnny Petraglia do it in the manner described above. The video below features the Johnny Petraglia portion of the bowling demonstration. Watch it and see if it makes you a better bowler.

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  1. I remember this Product and owned a copy of it back in the day. For someone like me that always asked "How do they do that?", it gave me a really good study tool of the principles on the execution of the Roll. They couldn't have found 2 better models for this product and it helped me immensely at the time to learn/understand/execute. 30 years later, I still average over 200.