Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bowling Video of the Day--Chris Barnes Teaches Bowling in Asia

I wrote yesterday about the negative perceptions many people seem to have of Chris Barnes and why I think those perceptions don't do justice to a great bowler and decent human being. Today I'd like to reinforce my point with the video below. It's from a tour Barnes took through Asia in 2006 while he was a member of the Brunswick staff.

The video is 27 minutes long and features Barnes teaching children and adults some of the finer points of the bowling game as well as demonstrating them on the lanes. It also shows him describing and demonstrating some state-of-the-art Brunswick equipment of that day which, even though the specific balls discussed might be outdated now, can still provide valuable instruction concerning which kinds of balls work best on which kinds of lane conditions and why.

Aside from being what I think is an unusually good bowling instructional video for its intended purpose, I think it also provides a nice extended look at how personable Chris Barnes is. I think his amiable personality as well as his bowling knowledge and skill shine in the video. So, if you go into it despising Chris Barnes, I think you're going to have a different and more positive perception of him by the time you finish watching the whole thing.

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