Friday, April 16, 2010

Bowling Bytes--4/16/10

~ Ryan Lingholm: The Other Side of Two-Handed Bowling -- "Jason Belmonte's exemption in the Professional Bowlers Association this season opens a new frontier in a sport that has seen as many new eras as a high school history text book. With the two-handed bowling phenomenon now in full bloom, the man known only as "Belmo" completes a trinity of two-handed specialists on the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour this year that includes Finland's Osku Palerma and Team USA's Cassidy Schaub. But there is one two-handed bowler for whom the style is not just about 600 revs per minute and a violent collision of pins; it also makes bowling accessible to those who otherwise would never be able to compete..."

~ ITRC technology dazzles Team USA in training camp -- "The International Training and Research Center in Arlington, Texas, played host to its first men’s Team USA Training Camp this week and the 12 elite bowlers found many tools in the new facility to help them improve their game. Among the attendees were Professional Bowlers Association Tour stars such as reigning PBA Player of the Year Walter Ray Williams Jr. as well as Chris Barnes, Rhino Page, Wes Malott, Tommy Jones and 2010 U.S. Open winner Bill O’Neill..."

~ PBA Women's Series Showdown to air Sunday on ESPN From International Training and Research Center -- "The 2009-10 PBA Women’s Series presented by BOWL.COM concludes its third season with the PBA Women’s Series Showdown at the new International Training and Research Center Sunday on ESPN with six of the sport’s top women bowlers vying for a $25,000 prize in a unique competition. The PBA Women’s Series Showdown, presented by BOWL.COM, will air on ESPN Sunday at 1 p.m. Eastern..."

~ Wendy Kok overtakes the qualifying lead in 4th Qubica/AMF Open -- "Qualifying in the 4th Qubica/AMF Open 2010 continued on Thursday with qualifying squads 5 and 6 at Bowling Center Gladiator Arena in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The top 3 players from Squad 5 cracked the 1400-bar and the top 8 moved into the top 10 in the overall qualifying standings. Wendy Kok (pictured left), Netherlands, started with games of 218, 246, 236 and 187 before she closed out her six-game block with back-to-back 150s (250, 254) for 1391 pinfall total and an average of 231.83. The Dutch national team member added 48 pins handicap, a standard for women on the European Bowling Tour, to move to the top of the leaderboard with 1439 total..."

~ Un-a "dore"ing -- "It is sometimes sad to see Rome fall, in particular when the rise to power never fully reached its potential. As a curator of bowling from a participatory and philosophical standpoint, it is important to see things as objectively as possible, despite what your head and heart tells you. This tell tale heart version surrounds the end to the Vanderbilt Commodores 2009-10 Women's Bowling season: a season that resulted in 67 wins against arguably, the nation's toughest schedule..."

~ Help youth prepare for success with tips from collegiate coach Barbara Lewis -- "What do college bowling coaches look for in potential players, and what can youth coaches do to help teens land spots on college teams and maybe scholarships, too?..."

~ The Rituals and Routines of Expert Coaches -- "The following article provides coaches with a guideline on effectively teaching bowlers. In addition, it can be used by bowlers in their own practice process..."

~ Bowling Lessons for Beginners: Video Series -- "Learn bowling tips and techniques for beginners, including how to pick the right ball, attire, shoes to wear, how to keep score and rules of the game, in this free online video series..."

~ Cold Rolls: How bowling cold impacts your body (US Bowler, Winter 2009-10, p.18) -- "...No matter what sport you play, warming up before launching yourself into competition is a smart thing to do. Bowling is no different..."

~ The Master of the 'Mega' (Bowlers Journal International, April 2010, pgs.24-25) -- "Megabucks tournaments may be a little short on the "mega" these days, but to Rick Miller, the luster is still there--and you can make that a double. Defying astronomical odds, Miller won both the High Roller and the Mini Eliminator on the same weekend..."

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