Friday, April 9, 2010

Bowling Bytes--4/9/10

~ PBA Confirms Exempt Player List for 2010-2011 Season -- "The exemption list – except for one Golden Umbrella exemption to be awarded later in the year – includes title winners, players from the 2009-10 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour World Ranking Points List, seven qualifiers from the 2009 PBA Regional Players Invitational, the points leader among Tour Qualifying Round competitors who finished outside of the exempt points list (Dave D’Entremont of Middleburg Heights, Ohio), and two players who were granted hardship or medical deferments last season (Baltimore’s Danny Wiseman and Dave Arnold of Dublin, Calif.)"

~ Two bowlers flirt with perfection at USBC Open Championships -- "Among the cities that may be on the outside looking in: Norwich, Conn.; Columbus, Ohio; Hammond, Ind.; Buffalo, N.Y., and Indianapolis.Michael Lichstein of Broad Brook, Conn., struck first, tossing 11 consecutive strikes in his second game of doubles before leaving a 3 pin on his final offering. Brandon Starr of Oklahoma City flirted with perfection during the afternoon team event, but a ringing 10 pin denied him the seventh perfect game of this year's event...The 41-year-old right-hander teamed up with his father, Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Famer Larry Lichstein, for a 1,287 doubles total."

~ International Bowling Industry Magazine -- "The point is to do better business. Spelled “satisfaction,” “achievement,” “money.” That’s exactly the point of International Bowling Industry. Powerful how-to articles, incisive analysis, profiles of people who matter. For 15 years, the leading magazine in the business of bowling. The only all-business publication in bowling."

~ Remy Ong remains undefeated, wins $25,000 in 4th Kingdom International Open -- "Remy Ong (pictured left) from Singapore remained undefeated in the match play finals of the 4th Kingdom International Open en route to win the title and the $25,000 top prize Thursday at Universal Bowling Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Ong, a two-time World champion and 3-time Asian Games gold medalist defeated Patrick Healey (right), United States, in the title match, 464-383. The PBA champion was consoled with $13,000."

~ The sport of 'everyman'...and 'everywoman' -- "For better and worse, bowling has long been touted as the sport of Everyman — i.e., a typical or ordinary person. Results from this season’s Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour amplify the notion that all sorts of bowlers from a wide range of backgrounds can achieve great things in the sport...Kelly Kulick’s victory at the Tournament of Champions also clarified that the sport of Everyman also includes Everywoman...In general, success on the tour continues to trend to the older. If it’s not guys over 50 winning tournaments, it’s often late bloomers, such as Mike Scroggins and Jack Jurek, doing their best bowling well into their 40s...Other story lines have been tied to the personal tolls exacted by the worst economic conditions since the Depression. Thomas Smallwood, rendered unemployed by GM, launched a full-time pro bowling career as a somewhat desperate career alternative… and won the PBA World Championship. Mike DeVaney, one of the “new” PBA’s charter exemption holders, found his financial situation so dire he was basically homeless… then won the Scorpion Championship."

~ Tour hosts no more -- "Today, as the PBA contracts its schedule in anticipation of a belt-tightening 2010-11 season, several centers that hosted tour stops this season probably won’t be on the schedule next season. Among the cities that may be on the outside looking in: Norwich, Conn.; Columbus, Ohio; Hammond, Ind.; Buffalo, N.Y., and Indianapolis...
It’s a difficult situation for the PBA as well. Needing to cut back on expenses in order to stay afloat in a very tough economy that has seen other sports leagues fold and sponsorships dry up, the decision was made to cut back on traveling expenses and, like this season with the World Series of Bowling, tape multiple championship rounds in a single city. The question is: By the PBA bringing its star players to fewer markets, will it diminish the tour’s fan base to the point that television ratings suffer?"

~ Ball Dynamics and Hook Potential -- "
When watching a bowling ball roll down the lane, it is easy to overlook the forces at work within the ball. The ball is round, and the bowler imparts revolutions, axis rotation, axis tilt and ball speed. The round ball undergoes a transition from to skid to hook to forward roll. However, unless you own a clear ball with a high power core design, it is difficult to imagine the position of the core and its rotational influences on the hook pattern of the ball. Understanding the shape and density of the core will enable you to evaluate a ball and its possible benefits to your game."

~ The consummate coach -- "My coach, Bill Harris, died on February 16th. I can hardly breathe. Let me tell you a little about him. He spent most of his life in Fort Worth changing bowlers’ lives for the better. It has been said that he has single-handedly populated numerous Halls of Fame with both male and female bowlers – and he has...An accomplished bowler himself, Mr. Harris has numerous State titles and Southwest Masters titles to his credit. He honed his skills bowling pot games. Anytime anyone came in for a match, he was always ready. And they came from all over. The word about all night games spread easily in the bowling community. They often bowled without sleep for three or four days. Freda tells of many nights when he was home in bed and the center would call saying someone had just driven in from the Panhandle or from Houston and did he want a match? He’d get up, make a few calls, and off he’d go. He actually returned home one time to find a bowling ball in his bed – a subtle hint from Freda!...He believed that learning is not a process of teaching someone what they don’t know but rather helping them discover how much they do know. I am grateful to have been mentored by him. He is the standard by which coaches should be measured. Ask any of the hundreds he has coached… Our lives are better for his presence in them."

~ 2009-2010 To Average / Average Differential -- The Player Averages are calculated from the results of USBC certified intercollegiate team tournaments conducted during the current regular season. The minimum overall participation requirement through February 28, is 40 games and increases each month of the season to a final total of 48 games by March 1 2009. The lists include the top players that meet the applicable participation requirement sorted by either 1) "average" or 2) "average differential".

~ Beyond Skill: What it takes to build a team -- "Like any great sport team, the structure of a quality program is much more than simply skill building in the sport. In bowling, teams would benefit greatly by building around culture, expectations and daily habits. The attention to these details builds the self-discipline, mental toughness and quality focus required to reach a full attention of a team. But, a coach must embed culture and expectations into a daily practice routine in addition to the promotion of skills and knowledge. Culture, expectations, knowledge, data, evaluation and the daily practice process are important elements of great program design."

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