Monday, April 5, 2010

Bowling Video of the Day--2010 Marathon Open

Some people missed all or part of yesterday's ESPN telecast of the Marathon Open. Others would no doubt like to see all or part of it again. You can do this anytime you want if you have PBA Xtra Frame, although you'll probably have to wait a few days for it to become available. But if you want to see it right now, it's available on YouTube in HD right now. Normally, I'd embed the videos below, but these videos have windows that are too big for that. So I'll provide links to all 12 parts instead.

Part 1 (Introduction)
Part 2 (Match 1: Wes Malott vs Brad Angelo, Frames 1-6 1/2)
Part 3 (Match 1, Frames 6 1/2 to end)
Part 4 (Match 2: Brad Angelo vs Chris Barnes, Frames 1-3)
Part 5 (Match 2, Frames 4-5 1/2)
Part 6 (Match 2, Frames 5 1/2 to end)
Part 7 (Match 3: Brad Angelo vs Pete Weber, Frames 1-5)
Part 8 (Match 3, Frames 6 to end)
Part 9 (Final Match: Pete Weber vs Mike Scroggins: Warm Up)
Part 10 (Final Match, Frames 1-4 1/2)
Part 11 (Final Match, Frames 4 1/2 to end)
Part 12 (Post game interview)

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