Friday, April 30, 2010

Bowling Quote of the Day--4/30/10

"I used to only bowl in Sport leagues. Just by competing and seeing these types of patterns on a weekly basis, it helps. In my opinion, it helps with making better shots, making adjustments, reading lane transitions and ball selection. Sport Bowling has definitely contributed to my success as a bowler."
--Derek Eoff, former Team USA member who currently has the Open Singles lead in the Storm Bowlers Journal Championships

It amazes me how some bowlers are serious enough to travel hundreds if not thousands of miles and spend a small fortune to bowl in major tournaments such as the USBC Open and the Bowlers Journal Championships, yet, they not only are NOT serious enough to bowl sport leagues when they're offered in their house or area, but will definitely NOT bowl in them.

Just how do they expect to be competitive in big tournaments held on sport conditions unless they bowl a lot on these conditions before they bowl these tournaments?

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