Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wayne Garber Sizzles, Chris Barnes Fizzles

After the first 7 game block of the Round of 64 of the Mark Roth Plastic Ball Championship, the inimitable Wayne Garber (see video below) leads with a whopping 252 average. He shot a sizzling 801 series for the last 3 games. And to think that I seriously considered bowling in a local scratch tournament in the near future in which he, Wayne Webb, and a host of other guys of that caliber are likely to compete. I think I'll pass.

Anyway, here are the top five after the first block:

1. Wayne Garber (+363)
2. Walter Ray Williams (+301)
3. Mike Fagan (+281)
4. Brian Waliczek (+263)
5. Ryan Ciminelli (+244)

By the way, Jason Belmonte's in 9th, Brian Voss is in 10th, Bill O'Neill's in 11th, and the great Johnny Petraglia's in 13th while his son sits in 28th. Unfortunately, Chris Barnes continues to struggle at -46, but I want to believe that he can catch fire this evening and make the cut.

The second block will commence today at 5 PM EDT. After that, the field will be cut in half to 32 and bowl tomorrow. You can watch it all live on PBA Xrtra Frame.

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