Thursday, March 25, 2010

Too Little Oil to Make a Plastic Ball Tournament Interesting?

I've heard some people say they aren't excited about seeing this week's plastic ball tournament bowled on lanes with lower oil volumes. As one guy on Facebook comments:

"i was hoping they would leave a regular pba shot out there and we could watch guys goin straight and accurate...not throwin plastic 5th arrow...i dont like it...nothin differant about it with the shot they put out..."

It seems to me that there are some differences. The guys appear to be throwing the ball considerably slower and leaving significantly more 10 pins on weaker pocket hits, and the strikes aren't as "energetic" as usual. But some are still hooking the ball quite a lot, and many are shooting pretty big scores.

Although I wouldn't want to see so much oil put out there that the scores were so low that it only took a 190 average to make the TV finals, I admit that I'd like to see the lanes made more challenging than they appear to be now so that the differences between the reactive resin or even urethane game on the one hand and the "plastic" ball game could be highlighted more effectively.

How do you feel about this?


  1. I agree, weird that in this plastic ball tournament there were even higher scores than usuall - somebody could say - "that's fantastic, i'dont have to use reactive ball, spare ball is enough to score high" - I'd reply: it's true but only when you're the pro :)

  2. Only when you're a pro AND the lanes are much more lightly oiled than usual.