Friday, March 26, 2010

Belmonte Continues to Dazzle

What exciting times lie in store for Xtra Frame viewers this evening when the top 16 take to the lanes to do match play battle.

Jason Belmonte continued to distance himself from mere mortals by shooting 268-202-258-246-239-277-299 for his last seven games (and an incredible 815 for his last three games) to regain the lead (+1125). He came within a hair of shooting his third 300 of the tournament, and, remember, this is with plastic. His ball is hitting those pins like no one else's.

Behind him, in descending order, are Brian Ziesig (+1091), Walter Ray Williams Jr. (+1011), Bill O'Neill (+992), Michael Machuga (+951), Wayne Garber (+943), Jack Jurek +883), Mike Fagan (+868), Johnny Petraglia Jr. (+864), Parker Bohn III (+838), Jason Couch (+818), Ronnie Russell (+816), Alex Cavagnaro (+806), Rhino Page (+797), Robert Smith (+783), and last but not least, Chris Barnes (+774). Chris shot 268 in the position round to make the cut.

Johnny Petraglia Sr, who bowled and beat his son in the first match of the day, was in the top ten for awhile and hovered around the cut most of the morning until dropping down to 22nd at the end. But what a great week for the 63-year-old Hall of Famer.

Walter Ray Williams Jr., who led at times this morning and shot 299 one game, suffered a severely chipped ball toward the end of the Round of 32 and was left with only one ball with which to struggle through the remainder of the round. However, although each player is allowed only two balls for the entire tournament, having one of your balls break is an exception, and Walter will therefore be able to drill up another ball for tonight.

Another fact of interest is that Johnny Petraglia Jr. made the cut throwing his strike ball without his thumb.

Stay tuned for tonight's exciting action.

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