Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bowling Video of the Day--Bowling Ball History

This week, the intrepid participants in the Mark Roth Plastic Ball Championship will be leaving their modern reactive resin and less modern urethane balls in their bags and returning to bowling's equivalent of the Dark Ages by using only special polyester or "plastic" balls. Even with the lower volume of oil that will be applied to the lanes this week, these balls won't hook nearly as much or carry strikes nearly as well as newer equipment does.

It should be a very interesting tournament. I'm inclined to think that those, like Jason Belmonte, with the most powerful releases wedded to at least decent accuracy and consistency will fare best this week. "Mr. 260 League Average" Jeff Carter won the inaugural event last year.

In the meantime, this seems an appropriate time to post a video of bowling ball history from the Stone Age of wooden and mineralized rubber balls to the high-tech missiles that bless or curse the sport today. The video comes from a segment of the Modern Marvels program airing on the History Channel.


  1. Ok, steve. I must admit that I'm kind of an iconoclast when it comes to the PBA, but I find this competition really interesting. I can't wait to see who rises to the top. my money is on Walter Ray.

  2. I too am enjoying the tournament. And although I would have thought going in that Walter Ray didn't have a chance with his low rev, low hook game, he's getting to the pocket, carrying, and scoring quite well early on. But I think Ryan Ciminelli may be the one to beat. As long as he can play outside and juice it, he's likely to be very tough to beat with his carry.