Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bowling Video of the Day--3/18/10

I love to watch old bowling videos, and here's one that's about as old as you can find on YouTube. Better still, it features the great Don Carter in a bygone era of early black and white television, pin-boys, and 100 game marathons. Here's the YouTube description of it:

"Seven years before the PBA, there was the All-Star, the biggest tournament in bowling. A 100-game iron man marathon, where the temporary lanes were constructed on a platform requiring the bowlers to take two steps up to get to the approach. By the time TV joins this 100th game, the outcome of the tournament is decided. Don Carter has wrapped up the title, based on 100-game pinfall as Junie McMahon, his opponent, fades in the closing games. Legendary bowling broadcaster Fred Wolf on the call, several years before he becomes host of Championship Bowling."

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