Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bowling Video of the Day--Don Carter's Easy Opening Can

Once upon a time bowling was respected enough for its greatest legends to appear in TV commercials, and not just commercials aired only during bowling telecasts.

Well, maybe it wasn't pure respect for bowling and for Don Carter's legendary bowling prowess that landed it and him in the commercial below. It was probably more a gentle derision of bowling's less-than-macho nature as a sport coupled with bemusedly begrudging acceptance of bowling's popularity among the beer-drinking, sports-loving masses.

In any case, it was clever and funny, and bowlers didn't take offense. They laughed and appreciated the backhanded acknowledgment of their sport and of one of its biggest stars, just as I think bowlers today would if, say, Jason Belmonte appeared in a similar kind of commercial.

Do you think that will ever happen, or has bowling irrevocably sunk too low in the public's estimation?

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