Monday, March 8, 2010

The Brunswick Euro Challenge This Week

As much as we in the USA tend to focus on the PBA Tour, there's a lot of great bowling going on in the world outside the PBA and the USA. A lot of it takes place in Europe.

For instance, there's a European Bowling Tour (EBT) and a big EBT tournament happening right now at the Brunswick Euro Challenge in a bowling center near Paris. Since there's no PBA Tour tournament this week, some PBA stars will be participating in this tournament along with hundreds of top bowlers from Europe and elsewhere.

Mike Fagan, who has made it to the final match of this tournament the past two years, beat Brian Voss for the championship last year. You can watch a high quality video of that match by clicking on here.

You may also want to view Fagan's semifinal match with a top female bowler (yes, they let the women bowl against the men in Europe too) from Denmark named Mai Genge Jensen by clicking on here.

I even got a big and pleasant surprise when, as I was looking over the current standings in the Brunswick Euro Challenge, my eye caught the name of a guy I used to bowl with in the Bay Area that I hadn't seen or heard from or about for over 20 years. I wrote to him on Facebook and told him not to be intimidated by the big, bad PBA stars coming over the pond this week.

I want to start paying more attention to bowling in the rest of the world, especially now that the PBA Tour is on hiatus this week and is winding down its season. Stay tuned for further coverage of the Euro Challenge and EBT.

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