Saturday, June 18, 2011

Southwest Region Wichita Open Draws Top Bowlers

"I could have had another weekend of golfing, but I felt like bowling was more important than golf."
--Pete Weber

If you're a garden variety PBA regional player with visions of winning this weekend's Southwest Region Wichita Open at Thunderbird Bowl, I hope you brought your A game and have some help from "upstairs." Because you're going to need both in spades to beat exempt players Chris Barnes, Pete Weber, Sean Rash, Lonnie Waliczek, and Nathan Bohr along with the rest of the kind of talented field you can rightly expect to encounter in Wichita if you're going to cash that winner's check at the end.

If I were a regional player looking to earn some money in this tournament, I don't know if I'd be thrilled to bowl against these guys and to measure my game against theirs, or cursing them for picking on us little guys.

Well, actually, I think it would be the former, at least at the outset. But if I didn't bowl well and they did, it might end up being the latter. I know one thing. Even though I wouldn't bowl this tournament, there's only one place I'd even think of being today if I lived in or anywhere near Wichita.

You can read more about the tournament and its stellar participants here.

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