Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jeff Richgels to Join USBC Hall of Fame

When Jeff Richgels was a boy, a bruising tackle in a pickup football game sent him crashing to the ground and bent his right wrist under him and broke it. He then proceeded to play more football and didn't see a doctor about it until days later when it was too late to fix it without re-breaking it and setting it properly. Richgels refused, and his wrist never healed properly. If not for that, who knows what he might have accomplished on the bowling lanes?

As it is, he's won four eagles in the USBC Championships over the years and is in contention this year to win another, been a Gold medalist for Team USA, won 29 PBA regional titles, is one of only three people known to have bowled all events at the USBC Championships without a single open frame, and will soon be inducted into the USBC Hall of Fame via a new Performance category. Not only that, but he will soon turn 50 and be joining the senior tour.

You can read the whole story here, follow his outstanding bowling blog, The 11th Frame, here, and below is an excellent video profile of this outstanding bowler.

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