Monday, June 20, 2011

The Secret to Ron Mohr's Success?

There are many reasons to subscribe to the PBA's outstanding video streaming service Xtra Frame. One of them is, of course, the opportunity to see what is arguably the most important part of a PBA tournament--the match play (and sometimes even qualifying action) that leads up to what you see on TV on Sunday morning or afternoon.

Yes, the televised finals determine the top places and payouts, but what you miss without Xtra Frame is all the competition, adjustments, ups and downs, and drama that got the finalists on TV in the first place and kept the others off the show. And you miss the incredibly incisive commentary from the most knowledgeable people and, often times, most celebrated performers in the game. If you really love bowling and want to learn as much as you can by those best able to teach it to you, an Xtra Frame subscription is priceless.

One thing I learned about not long ago on Xtra Frame was PBA senior superstar Ron Mohr's exercise regimen. I don't remember the name of the Xtra Frame guest who said this, but a PBA senior bowler and friend of Mohr's was with Mohr in his motel room on a senior tour stop not long ago when Mohr announced to him that he had to do his workout routine before heading to the bowling center for competition. And what was the 50+ year-old Mohr's routine? He got down on the floor and reeled off 400 pushups in perfect form without a break and then followed that with 700 consecutive situps. He then showered, got dressed, headed to the bowling center, and bowled his squad, presumably performing better than everybody or almost everybody else.

Now I don't know about you, but the mere THOUGHT of doing 400 nonstop pushups followed by 700 nonstop situps exhausts me. To think that Ron Mohr actually performs this Herculean feat that would do the late, great Jack LaLane proud and then go out and kick bowling butt in PBA senior competition boggles my mind!

I'm not a PBA bowler and never will be. But maybe I ought to start doing my pushups and situps. When I worked my way up to Mohr's level of superhuman fitness, it would be interesting to see if it improved MY bowling game.

Care to try it yourself and report back to this blog with YOUR results?

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