Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More on Bottlegate 2

It seems that Bottlegate 2 is the talk of the bowling world, and lots of people, including some who participated in the event at issue, have weighed in on the matter. I don't have time to write about that today, but I plan to write a great deal about it tomorrow. I'll be sharing a cross section of opinions about the incident and about how the PBA should handle it, and I'll be presenting more of my own reflections on the matter, now that I have more information to work with than I did when I first blogged about it yesterday.

So, I hope you'll come back tomorrow to follow not only my coverage of this story but also of the PBA Senior U.S. Open which is now in the third round of qualifying in Las Vegas.

Tomorrow's going to be a busy day here on Steve's Bowling Blog, and I hope you'll join me here for the fun. In the meantime, I'd like to leave you with a comment from a very thoughtful reader concerning Bottlegate 2:

To me, the bigger issue is that the PBA is once again hyping these stupid confrontations.

There is a large thread on the PBA forums about this stuff and the bottom line is that the PBA is determined to hype any and every incident of this type that they can. Obviously, they're not only condoning, but encouraging this behavior from Diaper Rash and anyone else.

Mike Laneside apparently posted this video to youtube and then posted a message in the referenced thread, crowing about the hits that it gets.

They want the negative publicity. Your blog and all of the other blogs and sites that are talking about this issue, are giving the PBA exactly what they want, by further hyping the issue. They don't care that it's completely unprofessional and offensive behavior by Rash. They think that they need these confrontations, so they can have viewer buzz like the pro wrestling.

I'm completely disgusted with the PBA. Rash should be punished, fined and banned from 3 or more future tournaments for his behavior. The PBA isn't going to do that, he's their hero now.

I replied to Laneside's post on the PBA forum, that I was to be counted as one against their policy and that I wouldn't watch the tournament, because of it. Further, I'm done with the PBA forum completely. I'll not be party to the nonsense. I despise that behavior and don't want to waste my time watching it on TV, but there's no sense talking about it, because the PBA thinks that they're doing the right thing by getting us to talk about it.

I hate where they're going and think that the PBA is doomed because of it. But, this is the last post I'll ever make on the subject. I'm done with the PBA and the USBC completely.

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