Friday, June 17, 2011

Brian Ziesig Writes About Bowling With Emotion on the PBA Tour

Brian Zeisig beat Jason Belmonte in sudden death in the thrilling title match of the 2010 Mark Roth Plastic Ball Championship. I've just read his comment in the PBA Forum regarding "Bottlegate 2," and I'd like to share it with you here:

"Based on the number of calls, and people I have talked to since the day after the incident(NOT the day it was put on the PBA website), I have come to the conclusion that all the emotion that you will see on the shows starting on the 25th is 100% real. I've heard words like contrived, WWE Style, they were told to do that, etc, etc, etc. I understand it's an "exhibition", but they are bowling for real money on those shows. Sometimes, I just don't understand what the people on the forums want. Each individual has their own personality. There were complaints about Dave Arnold when he was on shows, or any of the guys today when they are on the show if they aren't exciting, or show some emotion. They get ridiculed for being a robot, dull, what have you. Maybe that's just not in their nature to be emotional. Then guys make shows and are boisterous, do the crotch chop, and wear their emotions on their sleeve, and they get ripped too if they say or do something that may not be PC. So in short, what do you want from them?

I've made 1 show in my 15+ years as a PBA member(ironically against one of the participants in the most recent controversy), but I know a lot of those guys out there, and known them for a long time. Maybe I'll get in trouble for this, maybe it will get deleted, but I'm going to speak for them in a way that I believe they would want their collective voices to be heard. This goes out to all of their fans, and the fans of the PBA. Here goes...

"WE(the men and women that compete on the show) really wish that every show, every game on the show, and everything involved for people watching the show has the utmost in drama and excitement that people(bowlers and non-bowlers alike who watch our show)want to see. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen all the time. There are blow outs where matches are over in the 7th 8th frame. There are times when we just plain old struggle to find it. And there are times, when in the heat of the moment, we say or do things we regret during these matches. But the one thing that you can not take away from us is the REAL emotion we feel while bowling on National TV. We understand that we are not playing for millions of dollars, but the will and the drive to win that we all have can not, and must not be described as fake, contrived, or made up. We all want to win as much as any athlete in any of the major sports, whether as an individual as most PBA events are, or as a team in the PBA Summer Series, and sometimes, that emotion spills out in ways you may not like. But to say that we don't feel sadness when we lose, pride when we win, and downright anger if something occurs that we don't like and feel is unjustified, is just not fair. So to all of our fans who watch us either in person, or on TV, do us a favor. If you have a question about the emotion of an event, just ask. We will be more than happy to tell you exactly what was going through our minds at different points of the match. If you don't believe us, that's your prerogative, but if you really think that anything you will see on the shows on June 25th, or any other show for that matter is fake, made up, or contrived, I don't know what to tell you, other than thank you for watching, and that you're wrong."

Disclaimer - The above post is the opinion of the writer himself, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the PBA, its management, or its members."

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