Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PBA GEICO Team Shootout Information

ESPN's telecasts of the PBA GEICO Team Shootout, complete with "Bottlegate 2," get underway this Saturday and Sunday, the 25th and 26th, and conclude next Saturday and Sunday. Unlike past summer team competition, this event is held in an upscale Chicago bowling center instead of outdoors at an amusement park, and it features several different kinds of singles, doubles, and team competition.

Word is, the competition is unusually intense and high quality for an off-season event, and, of course, Sean Rash calls Jason Belmonte a "bottle bitch" for making a crinkly noise with his water bottle. So, it sounds like it has something for everyone, and maybe, unfortunately, something that is NOT for everyone.

Interestingly enough, I'll probably be getting a bowling lesson from Sean Rash at a bowling clinic on Saturday while the first episode is being shown, so I'll have to watch the program on my DVR later.

Jerry Schneider has the lowdown on the competition and this weekend's telecasts here.

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