Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bowling Quote of the Day--A Fellow Aussie Defends Jason Belmonte

"I presume you have personally spoken with Belmonte and asked him if he did any of it on purpose at any stage? Everyone has the right to their opinion but the vitriol towards someone like Belmo who is a pretty humble guy with good family groundings is a pretty disappointing thing to see, as I have no doubt most of these guys including you with the hate agenda probably haven't even met the guy or if you have, may have spoken to him for 5 secs.

You feel equally fine sitting here behind your computer hammering someone for possibly crinkling a bottle (could have been accidental) but not condemning the reaction. There is no justification for any reaction like that except for someone with the mentality of a two year old. If either player wanted to be professional and (people calling Belmonte a coward for not getting in face is a joke), they should talk about it off set, however that doesn't always work, just look at the Angelo incident where both bowlers did talk about it, agree that it was an accident then Angelo goes and calls him out again about it on public radio. I think Belmo did well to maintain a steady reaction after the childish outburst.

Because someone is from another country, does that make their input any less significant? This is America, top statement, I forgot America was the be all and end all of the world. You have a great country filled with many nice people, but gees. And saying that someone defending Belmo as having no integrity, however you are sitting here praising Rash for a dumb and over the top reaction is equally crazy.
--PBA Forum comment

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