Saturday, May 28, 2011

Walter Ray Williams Jr's Xtra Frame Interview With Matt Freiberg

After Walter Ray Williams Jr. crushed his competition to win the PBA Senior Mark Roth Allentown Open last Tuesday, he was interviewed briefly by PBA Xtra Frame's Matt Freiberg. Here is the larger part of what Walter had to say about his performances recently and his hopes for the future:
“I’ve been bowling really well the last month or so. I worked on some things early last month with Rod Ross. I’m doing some things I’ve never, ever done before. I’m actually in balance throwing the ball. It’s starting to really come around, and I’m really happy with the way I’ve been throwing the ball. I still throw a few bad shots, as you saw, but, for the most part, I’m throwing a lot more good quality shots, which is what I need to do, especially to compete with the kids on the Tour. And I’m looking forward to bowling a lot more events, maybe sneak out Player of the Year against Ron, and give the kids some fits when I get out on the national tour.”

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