Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ron Mohr Battles Back From Heartbreak to Lead PBA Senior Tour

"It doesn't get any better. I consider myself extremely blessed. I just miss Linda. I wish I had someone to share it with."
--Ron Mohr

Ron Mohr was a top amateur bowler in the 90's and has excelled on the PBA Senior Tour. He was the Senior Tour's Player of the Year in 2009 and was riding high until his beloved wife Linda had elective knee surgery last June, took acetaminophen to dull her post-surgical pain, and developed irreversible liver damage from which she eventually died in January of this year.

Mohr, 55, left the tour in 2010 and largely stopped bowling altogether until he decided to try his luck on the Senior Tour again this spring. He told himself that he'd see how he did in the first three tournaments of the season, and if he performed poorly, he'd quit the Tour and just bowl league at his home house in Anchorage, Alaska.

However, his fourth place finish in the first tournament, third place finish in the second, and first place finish last week convinced him to remain out on tour, and he'll compete at the next senior stop later this month in Pennsylvania. Once again, he is the #1 ranked player on the Senior Tour, despite the imposing presence of Walter Ray Williams Jr., and he's looking forward to the rest of the season.

You can read more about Ron Mohr's touching and inspiring story here.

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