Thursday, April 21, 2011

Video of 2011 Women's NCAA Championship Finals

In, a lot of guys make fun of the collegiate women and their lack of power. But I'm guessing that those women could probably beat the proverbial pants off most of their male chauvinist mockers with their finely honed skills.

I enjoy watching women bowl at both the professional and collegiate levels. They tend to be more fundamentally sound and accurate than the guys, and their games are probably much closer to those of most amateur bowlers of both genders in terms of speed and power than are the games of the likes of Tommy Jones and Ryan Ciminelli.

The videos below are of the final, best-of-seven, Baker format match of the NCAA Championship finals between UMES (University of Maryland Eastern Shore) and Vanderbilt University that was televised on ESPN last Sunday, April 17 right after the finals of the Dick Weber PBA Playoffs.

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