Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bowling Quote of the Day--Chuck Gardner on What the PBA Needs

"Looking forward to next season, it doesn’t look like the tour will be growing at all. I am still very concerned about what is going to happen. We really need to get some money coming into the tour. At this point, it looks as if the 2012 schedule will be similar to last season, with a World Series and the other Majors. Other than that, we have not heard anything...As for me, it was a long season and I was ready for time off. Not sure how old most of you are, but I am 51 years old and have started a bucket list, just like the movie. I got to take one of the top items off of that list, spending the weekend in Augusta at the Masters. It was truly what I always dreamed it would be. Not only was it beautiful in every way, but the feeling of the power of this great event is just crazy. I will never forget this weekend. Someday, I hope bowling can create an event with the stature of the Masters and that people all over the world would hope to attend."
--Chuck Gardner, PBA Tour Rep for Brunswick bowling


  1. I hear there is a new business venture going on trying to create bowling country clubs. Just as it sounds, it would be private clubs centered around bowling. I hope it succeeds. Only when the wealthy embrace bowling will we start seeing significant growth agin in the PBA dollars.

  2. Sounds like a good idea, if that's what it takes to revitalize bowling to any degree. I just hope that there continue to be plenty of bowling centers accessible to common folk like me with league and practice rates not priced out of our reach. I'm blessed to have such a place relatively near me. I'm doubly blessed that it, unlike other bowling centers I know of, is not just about earning money but also about the sport itself.

  3. Golf was historically a "rich man's" game, then Arnie changed that to include the blue collar folks, but it was not ditched by the wealthy. So if bowling can do it backwards, getting the wealthy involved, perhaps talented bowlers will be revered and backed by commercial dollars, but aithout ever losing the blue collar appeal. A guy can dream! :)