Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ray Bluth Bowling Videos

Yesterday's anecdote about an alleged confrontation between Carmen Salvino and Ray Bluth sent me looking for bowling footage of Bluth, whom I revered as a boy for his unique peekaboo stance on the approach and his meticulously scientific approach to the game.

I found two video clips of him on YouTube. One is an Ebonite ball commercial in which he appears along with other bowling luminaries of the day including Salvino and briefly exhibits his aforementioned peekaboo stance, and the other is an absolutely delightful introduction to bowling featuring a pre-peek a boo Bluth as a member of the awesome Budweiser All Star team that dominated team bowling competition of that era. You can view both below.

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  1. I remember Ray "Bluber" Blyth. Made me want to be a pro bowler.