Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Modest Proposal for Next Year's Dick Weber PBA Playoffs

I've posted several entries on the televised Dick Weber PBA Playoffs that concluded last Sunday. Much of what I've had to say since Sunday has not been as complimentary as I would have liked it to be.

I criticized Dick Allen for acting like...well...a dick. I blasted the blaring "horns from hell" that marred what might otherwise have been good about the telecast. I voiced objections about the formats of the qualifying and final rounds. And I shared comments and criticisms from other people who watched Sunday.'s Bowling Guide Jef Goodger has posted an excellent column (PBA Playoffs a Great Idea, But Could Be More Meaningful) that, among other things, offers suggestions about how the PBA might improve the Dick Weber PBA Playoffs to make them a better season-ending playoff event. Although I recommend that you read the entire column, here is the crux of his advice:

"Take the top 16 point leaders from the season and put them in the finals. This way, it's a true playoff...Give them all a payday and let the fans see the world's best go against the world's best for a few weeks to determine the ultimate PBA Playoffs champion."

What do you think of Mr. Goodger's suggestion?

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  1. I certainly agree with your critical remarks on the playoffs. I also agree with Mr. Goodger, who makes excellent points in his column.

    Top 16, top 20, top 24? I'm not sure that it matters up to about 24, but I'd probably be happy with the top 16. That assumes that the cream of the crop were truly represented in 16 players. The format would also be important. A best of 5 or best of 3 would certainly be better than a single match format, where luck plays a huge role.

    I'm not sure that it matters, though. The PBA will do what it wants. It's not clear to me what they think of the Playoff results.

    I am not happy with them. I didn't like the format and didn't like the results. With some of the best players in the world getting booted almost immediately, while significantly lesser players enjoyed easy rides, I was pretty ambivalent about the tournament, long before the finals were played. Almost any change would be an improvement in my eyes. But, if they really wanted a "playoff" type of tournament, I certainly agree that it should be populated with many HOF types, not the guys that have difficulty making the exempt listing....