Friday, May 14, 2010

Bowling Quote of the Day--John Handegard on Winning a PBA Title at Age 57

"In 1995 I finally won my first national title, and that's still the biggest thrill I've had on the bowling lanes," Handegard said of winning the PBA Northwest Classic. "It's such an emotional thing for me because I started on that quest in 1968 – it took me 27 years before I finally won that. I really have trouble watching that show; it literally makes me cry, even today, and that was 15 years ago."
--John Handegard

John Handegard is one of my favorite bowlers ever. Some of you may never even have heard of him. I hadn't either until he came out on the PBA Senior Tour in 1990. He'd been on the regular Tour years before but never won any titles, although he got close once, and didn't enjoy much success there. Yet, he didn't give up on the sport he loved and later became the Senior Tour's most successful bowler to date and the oldest person ever, at age 57, to win a regular Tour title. And now he's in the USBC Hall of Fame. You can read his amazing story here. You can also see a great video summarizing his bowling career here.

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  1. He is the best bowler ever,it consistency,accuracy ,dedication,focus, simplicity,effectiveness thou its so thunderous in result and execution.