Monday, May 3, 2010

Bowling Bytes--5/3/10

~ Illinois bowler shoots 299 at USBC Open Championships -- "It took Don Burdick of DeKalb, Ill., six frames to throw his first strike of the 2010 USBC Open Championships, but once he settled down and got comfortable, he found himself in familiar territory. The 50-year-old right-hander started his 2010 tournament campaign with a 171 game, but a few small adjustments helped him regain his confidence. He went on to strike 20 times in the next two games and came within one shot of rolling his second perfect game at the Open Championships..."

~ Xtra Frame Top Moment #2: Red, White and Blue Position Round-- "
Welcome to week number two of our Xtra Frame Top 5 Moments from the 2009-2010 season. This week's featured moment was from the 2010 Pepsi Red, White and Blue Championship presented by USBC. We picked this moment mostly for it's sheer craziness. We had a legend (Walter Ray Williams) and the reigning PBA Player of the Year Wes Malott fighting for the 6th and final TV spot (yes, there were six spots on the show that week). I'm also restraining myself calling Big Wes a legend lest I stir up another firestorm like last week's Chris Barnes controversy...although I definitely have Wes in my 50 greatest of all time in spite of his not making the original list in 2009. The roller-coaster of events that transpired to see WRW sneak onto the show while Wes came up just shy was nothing short of shocking..."

~ PBA Midwest Region Leaders Through May 3, 2010

~ PBA South Region Leaders Through May 3, 2010

~ PBA East Region Leaders Through May 2, 2010

~ PBA Southwest Region Leaders Through May 2, 2010

PBA Central Region Leaders Through May 2, 2010

~ Brunswick is a Top 10 Birthday Party destination -- "In its May issue, Parents magazine has selected Brunswick as one of the ten best places for kids and parents to party. The magazine reviewed more than 40 nationwide party chains, looking at activities, packages and prices, before selecting its ten best. Among the keys to making the final cut this year were fun and affordability..."

~ Elvin Mesger(1974)

~ Bowling Tip of the Month--May 2010 -- "For the Summer, since bowling is going to be slow for a few months, I will only be sharing one tip a month instead of weekly tips. This month’s tip comes from Glenn Soanes of Glenn shows the beginner bowler how to use the lane arrows for targeting. Glenn shows that you can use the arrows, as well as the dots, which are closer on the lane."

~ The Ideal Arsenal -- "Most serious bowlers will tell you their arsenal is one of the most important aspects of their games. Simply explained, a bowler's arsenal is his collection of bowling balls. There are so many options out there, all of which serve different functions, so as a beginner or novice bowler, building an arsenal may be overwhelming (and probably unnecessary)...To reiterate my point, a bowler's arsenal is very important. But more important than having ten balls to choose from is to know how each ball--even if it's just one--behaves..."

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