Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bowling Quote of the Day--5/4/10

"Come on, Walter Ray. is that really fair? You're still killin' it on the tour against the young guns. Now you want to make it almost impossible for the Seniors to win a title for some of which the Senior Tour may be the only way to do that?"
--Brad Heyden, Facebook comment

As of this writing, Walter Ray is in 11th place in the PBA Senior Miller High Life Classic after 8 games of qualifying. So he isn't running away and hiding from the field yet, although he's certainly hanging in the thick of the competition.

Still, he's only human, even if he often seems more than that, and those other guys on the Senior Tour aren't slouches. But even so, if Walter does dominate the senior events he enters, the way almost everyone including Xtra Frame's "Bowling Doctor" Jeff Mark seems to think he will, should he be out there depriving the other guys of the only chances some of them may ever have to win senior titles and make it to the TOC, not to mention take away from them the meager-enough-as-it-is money they might otherwise be able to win?

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