Monday, May 24, 2010

Bowling Quote of the Day--Andrew Koff

"It takes a lot for a bowler to really impress me when it comes to their talent and level of skill, having grown up in an area that at one point in time supposedly had the highest concentration of PBA members residing in it. A state where several PBA champions reside, such as Randy Pederson, Norm Duke, Jason Couch, Steve Wilson, Steve Hoskins, and Walter Ray Williams, Jr. But the first time I saw Andrew throw it live and in person I was completely amazed! An effortless swing, great footwork getting to the line, and an ultra-powerful hand release all combine to what amounts to poetry in motion in the bowling world. All I could say was WOW! This kid has the potential of becoming one of the all time greats in our game if he continues to pursue it."
--Donnie Layman, writing about bowling prodigy Andrew Koff

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