Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bowling Quote of the Day--Robert Smith Announces Semi-Retirement

"Ok, first off i want to say thank you to all of those who have supported me along the way with my bowling career.

I am moving to Hong Kong with the reality being that I, as a player, just can't do what i want to do with a ball anymore. At least at the level I know I have been before. A lot of it is injuries, some of it is the state of tour, but mostly because it is time to move on. I told myself I didnt want to bowl after 40, and 36 is a little short of that, but i am ok with it. I will still be bowling tournaments, ToC, US open, and some tournys around Asia, but full time, no more.

I know some want me to stay with a chance for HoF, but honestly, with where my game is, and how I feel, A title may not be out of the question, but WHEN is. the last 4 years have been my worst out of 13, and that is not the pattern i want to have trying to butt heads with the best out there. I can play still, but not the grueling pace of games that is required now."

Please know that I am still involved with bowling fully, just not throwing the rock anymore. Again thank you to all for the support over the years. It has meant a lot to know that me having fun, allowed others to have fun watching me also. I am blessed."

--Robert Smith

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