Monday, February 6, 2012

Sean Rash Makes a Boy's Wish Come True

"One thing athletes do great is give back. I enjoy opportunities like this. When I was young and asked pros for help, they were always willing." ~ Sean Rash

A lot of people don't like Sean Rash. Some even seem to almost hate him. I guess they have their reasons, especially if they've only seen him on TV or read about some of his antics online.

I had the good fortune of spending all day with him at a local bowling clinic I attended last summer, and I happen to respect him for his awesome bowling talent and skill and to like him for his earnest forthrightness, even if I take mild exception to some of the things he's said and done since he became an irrepressible force on the PBA Tour.

And I suspect that if more people were to view the video below of Sean's making a young cancer patient's wish come true, they would see, respect, and even like him as much as I do. At least I hope they would and do.


  1. I have had a love for bowling ever since my father taught me when I was young, and I know that bowling isn't as popular as say football or basketball. But Sean Rash deserves a little credit for giving back to his fans. This truly made that kids life and I give a lot of respect to Sean Rash for keeping bowling apart of the youth today.

  2. Kyle, I applaud Sean Rash for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to make this boy's wish come true. It was very evident to me during the bowling clinic I attended with him that he's very dedicated to working with juniors to help make them the best bowlers they can be.