Friday, February 24, 2012

Danny Wiseman Bows Out of Roll Off in U.S. Open

A strange thing happened on the way to the cashier's round of the 69th PBA U.S. Open Thursday evening. 12-time Tour titlist Danny Wiseman tied with John Furey, setting the stage for a sudden death roll-off to determine who made the cut to the top 98. But Wiseman unexpectedly decided to concede the final spot in the cashier's round to Furey without a roll-off and later posted the following explanation of his decision to his Facebook Fan page:

"so here ya all go...after bowling decent all week making everything but not striking much I had a horrible last game needing to stay clean (think I was -34). I hit the pocket, playing left of 5th arrow, every shot except for the 3-6-7-10 I made in the 8th frame. the 8-10's were in the first frame and ninth (on a re rack no less) because the rack was really tight. I left a few weak tens, two four pins, and a blower 7 also. So I talked to John Furey and told him no need for me to continue this aggravation when I have no chance to win (which is the point of this). 1000 bucks isn't going to break me and at this stage of my career I don't need to go try figure this out as I have yet to ever with this pattern. My tilt and roll and rev rate are not conducive, and yes I have tried many things to no avail over the years. I figured John could use the experience more than I as he is a future star. So I am not going to Detroit and Indy is in question. The T of C I am going to. I am working on some bowling related things to get into for the next stage of my life and career. Bowling full time is not one of them. Stay tuned and go like my fan page even after i "surrendered" LOL!...By the way, have been riddled with injuries and my left ankle was bothering me again and not sure I'd make it the 8 games anyway..."

PBA Xtra Frame commentator Jason Thomas said it was one of the strangest things he'd ever seen happen in a PBA tournament and that he never expected to see it again. But Wiseman received a very positive response from his fans.

What do you think of Wiseman's decision? Do you think he should have taken on Furey in a roll-off for the final spot in the cashier's round, or did he do a good thing in not contesting newcomer Furey's chance to compete further?

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