Thursday, March 31, 2011

Special Olympian Bowls 857

You may not have heard of Kolan McConiughey, but President Obama has, and so has Mika Koivuniemi.

Obama learned of the Special Olympian after appearing on the Tonight Show and self-deprecatingly comparing his bowling game to that of a Special Olympian, prompting McConiughey to publicly challenge him to a match. Koivuniemi heard of McConiughey after the 37-year-old cognitively impaired man shot a sanctioned 857 in league at Colonial Lanes in Ann Arbor, MI on Feb. 3, and Mika, whose highest sanctioned series is 847, subsequently appeared recently at a public ceremony at the bowling center to honor him for it. "It's a great, great accomplishment. I've heard about him before, and finally I get to meet him. It was great," said Mika.

By the way, this isn't McConiughey's first honor score. He's rolled four other sanctioned 800 series and at least seven 300 games. I counted seven on the the USBC site. His scintillating 857 came via games of 299-258-300.

It seems doubtful that President Obama will ever accept McConiughey's challenge or make another unflattering remark about the kegling skills of Special Olympics bowlers.

You can read more about Kolan McConiughey in Rich Rezler's article here, and you can view a YouTube video of McConiughey bowling below.

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