Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BowlSole for the Casual Bowler

Do you bowl only a few times a year and don't want to either rent bowling shoes at the desk or buy a pair of your own? Well, soon you may have a third option. And, no, I don't mean bowling in your street shoes or sock feet.

You may soon be able to attach disposable pads to your street shoes that will give them the same sliding action while protecting the approaches that bowling shoes do. An entrepreneur in New York named Thomas Marandos has invented BowlSole and will be marketing them to bowling centers to sell to their customers for approximately the same price as a bowling shoe rental.

I'm not sure I see the value in this, but maybe other people will. BowlSole will make its public debut in a booth at the International Bowl Expo Trade Show in Grapevine, Texas on June 29-30.

You can read more about this product in Mark Miller's Examiner column here.

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