Monday, August 6, 2012

Joey Berardi Used to Bowl Two Handed

"There was this 13- or 14-year old kid who was bowling with what looked like his grandfather against two other guys. The kid really caught my attention, not only because of his age but because of his style: He was using two hands to deliver the ball. I don't know whether his thumb was in or out, but he unleashed the ball like I had never seen before. I didn't watch too long because I got involved in a match of my own, and I didn't see this kid again until a PBA event in Edison, N.J., some years later.Only this time, he was bowling the traditional way, but with a very strong ball for the time. It was Joey Berardi, who eventually became a PBA Hall of Famer. I've always wondered whether Joey would have revolutionized the game, as Mark Roth ultimately was credited with doing, if he had stuck with his two handed delivery." ~ Bill Spigner

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