Monday, July 23, 2012

Jason Belmonte Answers Pro Wrestler Vin Gerard's Bowling Challenge

"Vin Gerard, allow ME to introduce MYSELF. I'm Jason Belmonte, and I'm a pro bowler. And you're going to remember that name. It's gonna be like the bell ringing between your ears...the same bell as when your opponents pin you in the're gonna remember that name like a headache for the rest of your life."

I posted a video the other day of a pro wrestler challenging PBA bowlers to a bowling match. Well, Jason Belmonte has stepped up and answered the call. Do you think the match will ever take place, and what do you think will happen if and when it does? Finally, does the PBA and bowling in general gain from THIS kind of publicity, or is virtually any publicity better than none at all at this point?


  1. We, the bowlers, need all attention and support we can. Something fun like a match of this kind, could attract non-bowlers to our sport. The more attention we get (positive attention) the more sponsors and name we should get. Whenever Belmonte beats him "230-120" every game, they will take us a little bit more serious (HOPEFULLY).

  2. I wold have to agree. It's publicity if it's done right. It could also become a circus, but I don't know, Cas Walker used to say any publicity is good. I say make it happen and let him get his arse whooped by ANY professional bowler.