Saturday, June 23, 2012

Younger Bowlers Rise and Shine in Early Stage of U.S. Women's Open

In my previous post, I mostly pummeled the USBC, BPAA, and bowling industry in general for their lack of professionalism in covering the great sport of bowling. In this post, I want to give credit where it's amply due by sharing with you Matt Lawson's of the USBC's excellent video recap of the first day of qualifying in the U.S. Women's Open. Matt always does a tremendous job with these videos. What's more, it seems that bowling's female "young guns" are loaded for bear. Now, if only they had more venues to hone their skills even further and reap the rewards of their hard won excellence.

However, I'm still pulling for local girl Leanne to repeat.

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  1. Great post. My first state women's tournament in Fresno, CA this past April (average age of bowler was 60). While I learned a lot from the experience, a young, aspiring female bowler isn't going to have much encouragement or incentive to compete if she can't see someone (which was part of Josie's motivation) her age bowling with her.