Thursday, July 1, 2010

BWAA Press Release--Sarah Palin at 2010 International Bowl Expo

Love her or hate her or, not so extremely, like her or dislike her, Sarah Palin is hugely popular in this country, and she recently delivered the keynote address before the 2010 International Bowl Expo. Here is part of the official BWAA press release on the event:

LAS VEGAS - June 30, 2010 - Standing before a crowd of several thousand bowling industry leaders from across the world, former Governor and Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin gave a rousing keynote address at the 2010 International Bowl Expo. Highlighting the impact of bowling as the nation's number one participatory sport and a thriving industry, Palin brought the crowd to its feet during her 45 minute speech. Additionally, Palin spoke to the important role played by bowling proprietors as business owners and community leaders, as well as the vital presence of bowling centers as social hubs in communities across the nation.

"Bowling has an honored place in our culture and is interwoven with our sense of community in our country. Go to any town or city and you will find bowling - it is truly a slice of Americana," said Palin. "Bowling has been able to evolve, innovate and capitalize on changes in culture to keep alive and flourish. Through the entrepreneurial spirit of its proprietors, bowling has seen a new resurgence and has never been more popular."

During her keynote speech, Palin spoke of the societal influence of bowling that spans generations of American life. Professing a personal appreciation for the bowling industry, Palin also noted that, during his high school years, her father Chuck Heath Sr. worked as a pin boy and that she herself has fond childhood memories of watching him play in this Thursday night bowling league.

Additionally, as a mother and aunt to children born with disabilities, Palin took special note of the bowling industry's support of the Special Olympics and thanked the proprietors in attendance for providing a healthy, positive environment to children with special needs.

Following her speech, Palin joined Steve Johnson, executive director of the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA), and a number of pioneering female bowling executives and athletes in delivering a historic announcement of a new, revitalized Bowling's U.S. Women's Open in 2011.

"Sarah Palin's comments about the impact of bowling ring true, no matter where you stand on the political spectrum. Bowling is a sport that knows no political or social boundaries - it is the embodiment of the American spirit and a healthy, fun and inclusive activity that brings together people from all walks of life," said Johnson. "Today Sarah Palin said that bowling helps make our country a better place and we couldn't agree with her more."
The International Bowl Expo 2010 was held from June 27 to July 1 at the Las Vegas Hilton and Las Vegas Convention Center. Ms. Palin's keynote speech took place during the general session on the morning of June 30 at the Las Vegas Hilton.

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